Khatm ul Quran on 27th Ramadan

Under the guidance of Mufti Ghulqm Sarwar Naqshbandi Qadri

Hanfia Masjid Presents

Khatm ul Quran on 27th Ramadan 2019


11.00pm - Isha Salah

11.15pm - Tarawih Salah with Completion of Quran

12.30am - Tasbih Salah

1.00am - Collective Dhikr and Dua

1.15am - Sehri (end at 2am)

2.20am - Fajr Salah


Saturday 1st June 2019  11pm - 2.30am

 Separate seating for sisters and food will be served for Sehri


For more information, contact: | 01484 421802